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  • Most Wanted

    Siva: It’s on Wilshire Blvd a block away from Miracle Mile

    Mickey: Wilshire Blvd. also goes to Beverly Hill. I like Bel Air, it’s my favorite..

    S: of course you do

    M: I don’t know why

    S: It’s where the rich kids are

    M: Just because we did a shoot there once. The photographer grew up in LA and her friends father was a big movie producer and he did what a lot of people do there. He had a house and then he bought the house next door and he ended up buying like 10 houses. So one house was the yoga house, where they would do yoga; one house was like the screening room where they turned it into a screening room, you know just so they had like a big estate so they had privacy. And they would drive around on a golf cart. And I was there in January doing this shoot on this 15 acre estate in Bel Air… There’s a new half Indian Model in the new Burberry campaign..

    S: I haven’t seen it. I was researching and I couldn’t find it.

    M: He’s very cute. The mother is English and the father is Indian

    S: Nice.. just messaged me, she wants to go out for dinner

    M: Oh cool

    S: But maybe I can’t meet her for dinner. 

    M: Maybe she should go to this DKNY thing. So what made you want to move to Los Angeles?

    S: Just because.. I’ve got a lot of friends in Los Angeles both in music and in movies and they were saying “Come on over, Come on over” and I was in London sitting at home, just got back from what was like a holiday month and I was thinking of buying a place in England, in London, and the whole thought of it didn’t sit well with me or my partner or my dog, So lets just go over and hit LA, and get in the music in LA, and do my solo stuff, mainly for my solo stuff. So that was kind of when I met you, it was kind of like the initial thought of an American

    M: I change a lot of lives that way, people meet me and then everything changes

    S: (laughs) for the better or for?

    M: It depends..Well better and worse. So when did u go to LA for the first time?

    S: I went my first year in the band

    M: English people love LA

    S: Yeah 

    M: The weather is so nice

    S: That’s one main attraction

    M: Really British people are especially crazy for Los Angeles

    S: and LA people are crazy for British people. You’re well-travelled.. You know… But I’m Irish

    M: Oh you are? Well I’m so embarrassed that I called you English

    S: It’s fine I get it a lot. It’s better than Australian 

    M: I guess look on the bright side (laughs) I didn’t think you were south African. So you were in the Thanksgiving day parade with The Wanted in New York I remember seeing you on TV. What was that like?

    S: It was amazing. It was quite an early set and we had to be prepared as well as security checks. But it was quite a privilege. My best friend lives in New York

    M: It’s major, it’s a big deal

    S: Massive.. He’s texting me, Because I don’t fully grasp how massive this is He texted me saying “this is incredible, this is like the biggest thing in New York

    M: In America it’s a really huge thing, the thanksgiving parade

    S: of course yeah. So we went on the float and a soon as we turned onto the main parade it was incredible. I didn’t imagine that many people. We had the power rangers next to us, it was there 20 year anniversary or something like that and it was just incredible. It was quite an experience 

    M: Yeah people sleep out all night to get a good space for the parade

    S: Yeah I saw a lot of people I knew in the crowd too and they were there for quite a while

    M: And flashback, how did you get into The Wanted? How did that whole thing happen?

    S: I grew up in a musical family

    M: Where did you grow up?

    S: I grew up in Dublin

    M: Okay I love Dublin. The people are so nice. I went once my friend is this is this sort of famous drag queen Panty, Do you know Panty? She has a bar called panty bar. But she’s actually gotten a lot of press lately because she made a speech on some TV show talking about gay marriage and got in a fight with some politician…She used to host this contest called the “Alternative Miss Ireland’ contest. The AMI, which is like a huge charity, fundraiser for AIDS charities. It was crazy. Anyway, I love Dublin, so you grew up in Dublin with a musical family…

    S: Panty.. I gotta search that.. Yes I grew up in Dublin and moved to London to do some modeling and I worked in the Ripley’s museum. It was the first one built in the UK, It opened and I was the first employee

    M: Did you have to study a lot to land that?

    S: Yeah lot of things, a lot of dates so I did that part time while I was modeling. And them I enjoyed modeling for about a year.. and that was awesome, doing catwalks and then it just didn’t feel right to carry on I felt like I experienced it and I wanted to get back into music and I just went searching one day and my first music audition was this band. So I got a call up saying .. I originally thought it was a solo audition but they ended up telling us it was for a band. So I thought okay I’ll check it out and we became the Wanted and that it

    M: The rest was history. So now when you’re doing solo stuff do you feel like you want to do something totally different than the wanted or do you feel that since you have such crazy fans, I’m sure they probably want something like the Wanted

    S: You learn a lot from the music. I’ve learned a lot and to be more particular with my writing and to never give up until its perfect. I was quite lazy in the beginning, in my first year, but with my new music its going to be totally fresh. I wrote a lot of music before this and I was thinking Okay I’ve got a lot of stuff but then I thought why would I want to get into that more and write before I get to LA. So thought I would just get to LA and get into something fresh and feel it, you know?

    M:  While you’re in the hot weather in the hot tub (laughs)

    S: (laughs) Imagine me in a hot tub

    M: I can and I will (laughs)

    S: So it’s totally different. It’s going to be me. I used to write for the wanted and now I’m going to be writing for me

    M: And you have so many fans, is there a general type of fan you feel like you have? Or is it all different types. I know a lot of these Irish gays who I know love you guys

    S: We always felt like we got the…

    M: I don’t know what that means but I think I can figure it out

    S: IT was quite the compliment. Its good to have a following, but any fans as long as they enjoy the music so bring it on, all different types

    M: And do you like performing live?

    S: Love it. That’s the best feeling. Especially my intimate gigs, You know the big UK tour and the arenas are amazing but you get such a greater vibe from the crowd when they’re closer.. and it makes me afraid and I love being afraid sometimes

    M: Good to know. Well that’s an excitement like you know if you’re afraid, you know you’re doing something challenging that’s taking you to a new place

    S: When you do something different you can feel it instantly, you know pull down your shorts, wipe the sweat off your face you can see someone go “Oh my god!” and it’s a nice feeling

    M: And have you performed with the wanted in Sri Lanka?

    S: Sri Lanka is quite unknown territory since the civil war, its quite sensitive. I don’t think the wanted could get in but I’d love to go back there, that’s one thing I’d love to do. I have heritage comes from India, Sri Lanka and then finally settled in Singapore. Have you ever been to Singapore?

    M: I’ve never had but I heard the food is good

    S: You should go to Singapore

    M: I’d love to go to all those places. I love India, I’d love to go to Sri Lanka and I’d love to go to Singapore

    S: My heritage is Sri Lankan and Irish

    M: I’ve never seen that combination

    S: I really only met one other person and she was Miss Malaysia 

    M: Really.. well we need to get some more Irish and Malaysians together because it’s obviously a winning combination

    S: We do, we do

    M: Now spending time in Los Angeles, do you feel like it’s a different lifestyle than London? Do you like that change?

    S: I like it because of the… La is a mix of movies and music and the standard is so high in the UK and there’s a different vibe. I think you get more chances in LA. I think America in general is the land of chances and hope. I think if you put the effort in you get more back. In London you have to work for such a longer time and when you get there, you do get there, but I think in America it’s more open. So I like that.

    M: Well it takes a long time to get around in London a little bit but there’s no subway in LA, there’s one little line but you have to drive. But also bars close at 2 in the morning so it’s not a very late night city

    S: Are you from New York?

    M: I’m from Chicago originally but I’ve lived for 25 years in New York. I love New York. I love LA too. I think it’s the opposite of New York in some ways but I think its completely amazing. I don’t know that I would want to live there. I have friends who love New York who think they love LA and move there and they don’t like it.

    S: New York’s like between America and Europe

    M: And the thing with New York and London to me is that it feels like its like being like a drug addict, even if its bad you like it and you get so used to it so then to go to a relaxed place like LA you feel a little bored sometimes. I love Los Angeles though especially if you’re going for a year or two or whatever I think its great

    S: Yeah I’m only going for a year and we’ll see how it goes

    M: And the thing is its true something that’s different to me about London and New York versus LA is that LA you really feel like it’s about show business. You feel like its about music and movies and all that and entertainment, whereas in London you can be like.. last time I was here it was fashion week and the BAFTA awards, you know there’s like a million things going on. Or like New York when its fashion week, the United Nations general assembly is happening and the president is in town and there’s crazy shit going on in all different worlds. But um I think it good that you’re going to Los Angeles

    S: Thank god at least you think it

    M: Chicago’s great

    S: There’s this one blues bar

    M: I don’t think I’ve been

    S: Oh it’s amazing!

    M: I like it, I like Chicago. Do you have any fantasy duet partners?

    S: You’ve always got the quintessential favorite person… Rihanna or J.Lo

    M: J.Lo’s looking great actually

    S: She never ages. She looks incredible. I spoke to her and then she walked away and then my jaw just dropped. Her backside just defied gravity and everyone was in awe.. girls, guys, gays, everyone was just like “how does it stay like that?” But I don’t know I think I just focus on my sound and then once that’s done.. and say that j.lo did ask me…

    M: That’s your first single, J.Lo’s ass. And do you want to do some sort of dance music or pop or are you gonna do what you feel like expresses yourself. Are you gonna like do pop hits?

    S: I want to have that sort of catchy hook vibe to it but as a singer songwriter I’d like to have a good melody where people can dance to it. And when I get to LA its probably gonna be completely different. But I want to make people move. I want to make people go “I fucking love that song!”

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